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Start from crash point in a program.

Posted on: March 3, 2011

Debugging a crash point in a program is usually a very tedious job. Life gets even more difficult when you have to wait for hours to reach the crash point. And u fix something and again test if it worked. Imagine trying to debug a test case running for 100 hours! That happen quite often in routing/placement tools in EDA (Electronic Design Automation) domain.

It would be good to have a debugging tool that can help me in restarting my program just before the crash point (call it critical point) (a point where things were working fine).

Here i am assuming  that i have not changed anything in  functions/data objects  in my code, that were used in reaching the critical point of my choice.  Changes are permissible only  in functions/data called after the critical point.

We need to capture the entire state of the program for such a thing to work.  The state would include stack, opened files, files acessed/read/written to disk, network files and so on.  It would be interesting to see explore the possibility of this task. I need to do some R&D to here :P.

To my knowledge there in no tool as of now which can do that.  Imagine how much hours of debugging time will be saved if we had such a tool!


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